DP Ruto embarrasses Raila hours after delivering US speech

Ruto blasted Raila after the NASA leader delivered a 30-minute speech in Washington DC.

Ruto on his official Twitter account, criticised Odinga for flying to the US in an attempt to tarnish his name and the Jubilee administration in order to prevent him from ascending to the Presidency come 2022.

"So,Tinga went all the way to the USA to seek support to scuttle the possibility of a son of peasant from being elected prezo in 2022! Balaa!" Ruto tweeted.

On Thursday, Odinga accused foreign envoys of favouring President Uhuru Kenyatta and challenged world powers to step up their intervention in Kenya.

“The envoys’ efforts up to now have not succeeded in defusing the crisis and let me be blunt: They have sometimes contributed to the crisis,” he said and accused the western countries of leading Kenya on the path of electoral autocracy and dictatorship.

“Kenya’s is not just an electoral crisis triggered by a third straight stolen election ... Let me be blunt: Kenya is hurtling towards an outright dictatorship,"  Odinga stated.

The NASA leader called on US and other countries to intervene and salvage the political stalemate in Kenya as well as pushing for democracy.Odinga pulled out of the repeat presidential election held on October 26th accusing IEBC of failing to meet the irreducible minimums presented by NASA.

He argued that the electoral body was unable to deliver a free poll and would not accept to participate in a pre-determined election.

However, Ruto has dismissed Odinga's claims claiming that the elections were free and fair accusing the NASA leader of trying to force a coalition government.

"Kenya is progressively becoming a stable progressive democratic state that appreciates that we can have differences of opinion that do not necessarily become division. The October 26 election was historic and we managed to deliver a rerun or a repeat presidential election, which was unfortunately boycotted by the opposition.

They had good reason to boycott. It was obvious, the writing was on the wall: they had lost the election on August 8, they would lose the election again - so they did," Ruto announced during a recent interview with Al Jazeera.


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