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Winnie Odinga in ugly twitter fight with activist Benji Ndolo

"You look like a man"

Winnie Odinga in ugly twitter fight with activist Benji Ndolo

Winnie had posted a message on her Twitter account, saying those who voted for the Jubilee government should challenge it to respond to the drought crisis facing at least eleven counties.

Absolutely Atrocious! A failed state. Those who voted for this government should demand immediate action and solutions,” she said.

Ndolo was not pleased with the tweet and called on the younger Odinga to challenge her dad – given his newfound friendship with President Uhuru Kenyatta.


Tell your dad. Ako ndaaaaane,” he replied.

The debate quickly turned personal as Winnie responded with an ad hominem attack on Ndolo – saying the activist should not have been born.

Tell your dad he should have pulled out,” the younger Odinga stated.


Winnie went on to explain that although her father was closely working with the government, those who have something to say should deliver the message directly to the President.

You've got it ALL the way messed up if you think I'll be twitter messenger for a dude who still lives in his mother's backroom. If you wana send a message to Uhuru here is his account @UKenyatta. Nobody voted for Winnie Odinga,” she stated.

Benji did not take the tackle lying down as he responded with a personal attack of his own.

Look at this Winnigram nepotistic fraud; just because you look like a man doesn’t mean you should fight with dudes. Go lick your wounds outside Chiloba’s mum’s house,” the political analyst said.

The duel drew numerous responses from social media users, with sentiments depending on which side of the fight one was supporting.


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