Popular American comedian defends Sonko over Hennessy 'throat sanitizer' donation

Senator John McCain's daughter has also supported Sonko

Popular American comedian defends Mike Sonko over Hennessy  'throat sanitizer' donation

A popular US comedian, Shuler King, has come out to publicly defend Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko over the donation of bottles of Hennessy in his care package during the coronavirus crisis.

King responded after several US media outlets condemned Sonko's donation which he had mistakenly described as a throat sanitizer that can kill coronavirus.

The comedian recognized that Sonko was wrong in claiming Hennessy could kill coronavirus germs but added that there was nothing wrong in donating expensive liquor during the lock down.

"Governor Mike Sonko is under fire because he put Hennessy bottles in his care package to poor people. He is under fire, for what? What are you all mad at him for? I don't see anything wrong with that, I will vote for him and don't tell me I cant vote, I will fly all the way to Kenya and vote for him."

"If he has done some corrupt stuff, you should forgive this man. Mike risked his life to get liquor for people who are locked down in their houses. H e called it a throat sanitizer and of course alcohol does not kill coronavirus. But it doesn't matter because Mike does not work for the WHO," King said on his show.

The comedian further joked that he was willing to receive the Hennessy bottles from Kenyans who would not be happy with Sonko's donation.

The term "throat sanitizer" has gone viral around the world and is now used in reference to alcohol - after Sonko's claims were picked up by numerous international media outlets.

Meghan McCain, former US Presidential Candidate John McCain's daughter, has also defended Sonko Hennessy donation.

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