Uhuru dazzled by KDF's advanced combat drills [Video]

The operation appeared as thought it was being shot for a Hollywood action movie.

President Uhuru Kenyatta watching Kenyan security officers undertaking a joint operational training in Boni Forest, Lamu County.

One of the perks of being President Uhuru Kenyatta is that as Commander in Chief of the Kenya Defence Forces is enjoying a front-row seat whenever the military is conducting special drills.

On Wednesday, July 21, President Kenyatta visited a multi-agency team of Kenyan security officers undertaking joint operational training in Boni Forest, Lamu County.The FTX, which is coordinated by the KDF brought together troops from the different security formations in the country among them Kenya Police Service National Youth Service Kenya Wildlife Service, Kenya Forest Service and Kenya Coast Guard with a view of attaining high levels of operational efficiency.

Field training exercises are usually practice "mini-battles" which provide fairly realistic scenarios and situations based on actual situations a unit might face if deployed.

Soldiers prepare the exercise meticulously, usually without divulging plans or other information to their opponents.

According to footage obtained by Pulse Live, the ground troops could be seen engaging in gunfire and using smokescreens to mask the movement or location of military units as they advance towards the enemy camp.

Aerial teams could be seen providing support to the ground troops which were on foot and in tanks by launching explosives from the KDF choppers.

The Kenya Coast Guard and Navy were also not left as they showcased their battle manoeuvres in the waters.

The operation appeared as thought it was being shot for an action movie.

President Kenyatta enjoyed as a KDF trainer explained all the military drills happening.

In his address to the officers, President Kenyatta said he was pleased by the training and noted that the multi-agency approach would help enhance the effectiveness of the country's security apparatus.

"I am happy that this multi-agency training has taken place. This is a very important message. As the Forces get to know each other and to collaborate in the training," President Kenyatta said.

Kenya would continue to fiercely defend its borders, he said, and warned enemy forces against undermining the country's territorial integrity.

"We will not accept any one claiming ownership of any part of our land. Just as we have respected boundaries of other countries, we expect that our borders and land are equally respected," the President said adding that, Kenya is a peace-loving nation.

"As a country we love peace, we are a country that loves to live in peace with its neighbours. Hence why we have been part of various peace support initiatives in other countries."

The Head of State congratulated the troops for taking up the training, and thanked them for the various social projects aimed at uplifting the wellbeing of host communities.

"I would also like to thank you all for participating in this training and also for the social responsibility that you have participated in. Restoring hospitals, drilling bore holes, renovating schools and offering medical interventions. These gestures go a long way in changing the mindset and perception of the security agencies among wananchi," he said.

The President assured the officers of the Government's support by taking care of their welfare, and urged the multi-agency team led by KDF to keep improving the training so as to make it more effective.

"I would like to urge the authorities involved to increase and keep modifiying competencies to ensure we are mission ready," the Head of State said.


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