The job that Uhuru wants Maraga to stop doing

Stay within your limits

President Uhuru Kenyatta with Chief Justice David Maraga and deputy CJ Philomena Mwilu at State House

President Uhuru Kenyatta On Thursday directed the Judiciary, which is led by Chief Justice David Maraga, to stop doing the work of the Executive and Parliament.

Kenyatta who spoke during the launch of the State of Judiciary Report, stated that the judiciary should play its role and refrain from interfering with the one allocated to the other two arms of the government.

“I urge the Judiciary to continue to play its rightful role while strictly respecting the Constitutional separation of roles and powers.

“In particular, refrain from setting policy as this is the role of the Executive; refrain from making law as this is the work of the Legislature,” remarked Kenyatta.

The Head of State explained that the knowledge of the different roles would help meet the expectations of the people.

He further pointed out that judicial officers and professionals were not beyond the law and should be made to face the consequences of their actions if found guilty.

“No Kenyan should be above the law. This simple point determines whether the Rule of Law is real or is limited.

“There is a growing feeling, based on events that judicial officers and legal professionals are beyond the reach of the law,” stated the President.

In addition, the President noted that Kenyans expected more from the law implementing body in terms of delivering results.

“Kenyans expect more from their Judiciary because they know that the Judiciary has, within itself the capacity to meet and exceed their expectations.

“Kenyans want to see real every-day results,” explained Kenyatta.

Uhuru offers Maraga offices at KICC

The president had earlier asked CJ Maraga to consider taking up offices at the KICC for the head of the Court of Appeal.

I did make an offer to the Chief Justice... there are decent offices here at KICC which we can avail to you, which I think are better than what you are occupying currently," said the President.

The offer came after the Head of State had informed the CJ that the offices were available after Senate had vacated them.

Kenyatta, who is serving his second and final term, remarked that Maraga and his team would not have to worry about going to the washroom as they were in perfect condition.


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