Uhuru mimics children during visit to Westlands Primary School [Video]

Uhuru brings out his child-like tone

President Uhuru Kenyatta with students from Westlands Primary School

President Uhuru Kenyatta resorted to expressing himself like a child while talking to pupils at Westlands Primary School to communicate an important message.

President Kenyatta had visited the school to attend a virtual meeting between himself, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and students from Westlands Primary School as well as their counterparts from Cleves Cross Primary School in England.

Uhuru addressed local students later on, asking them for a favour while trying to appeal to the young ones to heed his call for personal safety while in school.

And even as we move forward, I am going to ask you one big favor that I asked those who were sharing class with today and that is, we want to be able to continue without closing our schools again. We want all our kids to be back in school, but for that to happen, we must take on the issue of personal responsibility, very deeply,” he addressed the learners.

He urged the students to observe Covid-19 safety protocols while in school, and avoid sharing personal effects, especially masks.

Don't share your mask with your best friend. Your mask is yours. Don't say ‘I like yours, looks better than mine. Can we switch? Can we swap?’” President Kenyatta said while imitating a childish tone.

You can swap other things, but you don't switch masks. So, keep your mask and keep it clean, and keep it on you,” he added.

The head of state also encouraged the children to find ways of playing which observe the Covid-19 guidelines.

You must play, but play in a safe Manner and play in a manner that allows you also to keep your distances from each other,” he urged.

When schools reopened in 2021, parents of pre-primary students raised concerns about the feasibility of implementing Covid-19 measures, especially for young students.

"First day of school and my niece came back home with a different mask. She told her mum she didn't like hers and she swapped with Angela! With a straight face," Mohamed Wehliye stated in January.


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