Uhuru save us before Magufuli kills us - Kenyans near Tanzanian border plead

Details emerge on how stubborn Kenyans sneak into Tanzanian bar & churches

John Pombe Magufuli and Uhuru Kenyatta

Kenyans living on the border town of Namanga have called on President Uhuru Kenyatta to shut down the Tanzanian border saying its activities was a big threat to their lives.

Kenyans in Namanga complained that the Tanzanian government under President John Magufuli had taken very lax measures against the coronavirus pandemic.

Unlike in Kenya where there is an existing curfew between 7pm and 5am, Tanzania has taken as business as usual approach with social joints such as bars and churches continuing without interruption.

It does not help matters that Namanga town extends across Kenya and Tanzania - only separated by a rather porous border.

Kenyans have complained that some of their stubborn countrymates have been sneaking into Tanzania towards 7pm and crossing over to Tanzanian side of Namanga town where they party all night.

"I'm a resident of Namanga, the fear that we have is on the Tanzanian side. Kenyans are now going to Tanzania because we have closed our bars, they go drink there and meet many people," a resident complained.

Some Tanzanians are also reported to be crossing over for work in Kenya after which they retreat to their country before the 7pm curfew.

"Our fear is that there is a big problem in our Namanga boarder. The problem is that we come into constant contact with Tanzanians.They have not treated the virus with seriousness and we see workers from Tanzania go to sleep in their country and come for work here."

"There are pastors who go to preach in Tanzania since they have not banned churches. They minister to congregations of about 100 people and they come back. We oppose that because our country has put in place good measures," a resident complained.

The same challenge has been recorded in Migori County where area Governor Okoth Obado has called for a close of the Tanzanian border at Isebania.

"Our Covid-19 Emergency Response Team has recommended that we close down our border with Tanzanian indefinitely. I also want to make a special appeal to our national government to ensure that we completely stop the entry of Tanzanians into our territory," Obado said.

Migori's two cases of the coronavirus had a history of travel to Tanzania where the numbers are rising rapidly even as President Magufuli asked his government officials to reduce release of positive cases.


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