Private hospital raided, body stolen

Bizarre incident as man's body is stolen from hospital

Private hospital raided, Body stolen

A man's body was stolen from a privately owned hospital in Mogori County.

The bizarre incident happened at St Akidiva Memorial Hospital in Suna West when a group of goons stormed the facility and made away with the dead man's body.

Reports by the Standard indicated that the goons were allegedly led by Ragana Oruba Ward Rep, Malan Ogega although the MCA dismissed the claims.

The MCA said it was a coincidence that he was at the hospital the same time the goons stormed the facility and made away with the body.

Threatening hospital staff

Ledmonton Pete, the General Manager at St Akidiva Memorial Hospital said the group of young men were armed with crude weapons when they raided the hospital.

According to Pete, the group stormed the hospital at 9am, pushing the gate and forced their way inside while some jumped over the fence.

Some rang bells and even threatened to beat up hospital staff while they attempted to get access to the body.

Hospital counting loses

They took the stretcher, went in the morgue and carried the body away. They put in a truck and threw away the stretcher," Pete said.

During that time, eight patients who were almost being discharged escaped through the crowd without paying medical bills. The hospital has lost a lot of money from the incident," he added.

The hospital was left counting loses since eight patients had been treated and had surgery, while leaving a bill of around Ksh1 million.


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