Pulse Editorial: President Uhuru; stop the doubles standards, open up the country

Allow Kenyans to go back to work.

Pulse editorial

For the past few weeks Kenyan politicians have been behaving in a manner that depicts that Covid-19 is just a hoax being used to scare and keep Wanjiku at home. Breaking the precautionary measures put in place to help contain the deadly virus that has claimed over 943,739 Lives across the world, with Kenya contributing 642 deaths to the total tally.

In all this play, the common mwananchi has been the one at the highest risk, as waheshimiwa move around the country, converging meetings with large crowds, something that is against the Covid-19 rules on public gatherings. All these prohibited gatherings are led by senior most politicians in the country.

The other day the “hustlers clerk” Deputy President William Ruto was in Kisii for a fundraiser and indeed people showed up in numbers, there was no social distancing and one could actually count the number of face masks in the crowd. The DP himself did not wear one.

A few days later, ODM Party leader and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga was in the Coast checking on his people and went on to hold several rallies where thousands of people showed up flouting Covid-19 safety rules. Not even the leaders who had accompanied him had their masks on.

In Nairobi, President Uhuru Kenyatta while touring the city and as usual crowds were present and no covid-19 safety measure was observed. Some of these leaders went around shaking hands with Kenyans like no threat was posed.

Kenyans have always been told that they are on their own, and it's official that our leaders don't care anymore - why should the government demand that Wanjiku stays indoors, sanitizes, wears a mask, but it's okay for politicians to disobey these rules?

According to a recent report by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS), 1.7 Million Kenyans have lost their jobs between April and June 2020, from across all sectors of the economy. Most of these people have lost jobs because their businesses require other people frequenting their places of work, bars and other entertainment joints which provide employment to hundreds of thousands have remained closed for months now, and people are suffering. Families are suffering, because people 'need social distance’.

For how long will Kenyans remain slaves to politicians. For how long will Kenyans continue listening to the gospel of water as the preachers (waheshimiwa) take wine? Kenya belongs to all of us and no one should be given the special privilege our politicians are being given. Kenyans are tired of the double standards being displayed.

To President Uhuru Kenyatta, as we approach your next address in the next 9 days, we hope that you have realized it's time to reopen the economy, from your recent activities and those of other politicians.

In one of your addresses Mr. President, you said some countries were not announcing their Covid-19 numbers because they did not have media freedom. One of our neighbouring countries has been doing exactly that, and it was recently added to the list of countries that are exempted from 14 day mandatory quarantine when her citizens visit Kenya.

The fact that countries do not report everything that happens in their countries, we are an open society, we tell our story. Our media is free, we do everything we can to tell the facts as they are. There are other countries that are suffering greater than we are but don’t report,” said President Uhuru in one of his addresses on Covid-19.

We will take this as a step towards the reopening of the country Mr. President.

Additional writing by Brian Oruta

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the position of Pulse as the publisher.


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