Kenyan jazz musician Joseph Hellon claimed that Quincy Timberlake practised black magic and witchcraft.

Speaking during an interview on NTV on Tuesday night, Hellon said that he believed Quincy had brainwashed Esther when they met at the Jazz musician's church.

"Quincy used witchcraft, black magic... he told me before he joined the church that he used witchcraft," Hellon said.

"I told Esther but she was a stubborn person... my wife spoke to her many many times but she never listened," he added.

File photo of Esther Arunga and Joseph Hellon
File photo of Esther Arunga and Joseph Hellon

Esther was brainwashed  

According to Hellon, Esther was brainwashed by her husband Quincy and even a family intervention did not save the former celebrated news anchor.

Hellon claimed that he helped Esther even with her career since she lived in his house when she was at the peak of her career.

"When Esther was high and fly she lived in my house. I mentored her, helped her with the accent and how to pronounce words correctly and how to dress the right way," the Jazz musician claimed.

He addressed the predicament Esther is facing in Australia, where Quincy was accused of the murder of their son.

Paying the price

Esther Arunga, a former TV presenter
Esther Arunga, a former TV presenter

The Jazz musician said Ms Arunga was advised but she made her own choice to stay with Quincy and now she was facing the consequences of her actions.

The former KTN presenter will be sentenced on Thursday by an Australian court after she confessed to lying to police on the circumstances that led to the death of her son Sinclair Timberlake.

Arunga pleaded guilty to being an accessory to murder.