Ruto tried to entice Winnie Odinga with high level government job – Raila Junior

This is the truth!

Ruto tried to entice Winnie Odinga with high level government job – Raila Junior

Opposition Chief Raila Odinga’s son Raila Junior has disclosed that Deputy President William Ruto tried to lure his sister Winnie Odinga and him, with high profile government jobs.

According to Junior, the DP made the move in January 2018, a few months after the October 26, 2017 repeat Presidential Elections.

He also revealed that Ruto used a senior Ambassador to pressure them to agree and take the government jobs, they would be offered by the President.

The truth is that in January 2018 Arap Mashamba tried to entice and I with high level government positions, a kind of divide n rule tactic using a very senior Ambasador to put pressure but obviously we told him to F off and talk to the source. ,” wrote Raila Junior on Twitter.

DP Ruto

His words came after the Deputy President on Tuesday said that former Prime Minister Raila Odinga reached out to him four times, before his handshake with President Uhuru Kenyatta, but he declined.

"Let me give you a bit of background, before Raila Odinga engaged the president on the matter of the handshake he engaged me. He approached me on four different occasions after the elections to have a discussion but I declined,” said Dr Ruto.


According to Ruto, he did not believe Mr Odinga had good intentions when he reached out, a view he still holds to date.

The DP further divulged that aside from sending emissaries, Mr Odinga made two particular phone calls that raised red flags for the DP.

"On two occasions we spoke on the phone and I could hear the trend, 'oh, well, you know the president has begun to appoint ministers...' and I explained to him that initially we were running a coalition but today we have one party and the president is the head of this party," said the Deputy President.


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