Raila lights up Twitter after endorsing Uhuru's Kazi Mtaani program

Kenyans on Twitter are not boarding!

Raila Odinga

Former Prime Minister found himself on the receiving end after he endorsed the Kazi Mtaani Program that was recently unveiled by President Uhuru Kenyatta’s administration in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

In a piece published in the Sunday Nation, Odinga hailed Kazi Mtaani as a “program that is putting billions in the pockets of youth”.

Netizens revisited the Kazi Kwa vijana program that was implemented under his former office as the Prime Minister, an initiative that was marred with allegations of corruption.

@KiruiChebet8 wrote: “Ati chance?? What happened to kazi kwa vijana?? Youths need sustainable jobs let that sink in”.

Others pointed out that the Kazi mtaani is a clear reminder that the government has failed in creating meaningful employment opportunities for the youth, who now have to rely on manual jobs and temporary initiatives.

“Kazi mtaani is a cover up for a failed system unable to create decent and relevant job opportunities for its citizenry.

NO. In a functional systems, you create an environment where all professionals get something in line of their training to do. You don't bundle everyone to be street cleaners.” Quipped Ayodo Jnr.

Several users asked Odinga to shed more light on what skills graduate youth would acquire by sweeping the streets and unblocking drainage and how they will it will help them fit in the dynamic and competitive job market.

Abu Mohamed wrote: “Vijana sio watu wa takataka na kuingia kwa mtaro,give youth meaningful jobs we have young accountants and many other professionals”.

“And they will explain that the only qualification needed was to a jembe or spade to the interview.” Added KarolyN.

Wanjala Dennis challenged the Odinga and other political elites to clarify if they would allow their children to do the same jobs that have been handed over to the youth writing:

“Your daughter's CV will read a job in the ministry. The DP's daughter 's resume @WilliamsRuto will read served at the Kenyan high commission abroad. But the sons & daughters of the peasants will have a difficult time explaining to their employer what kazi mtaani is. Hongera!”

Many pointed out that the temporary program will not lift the youth out of poverty, pointing out that those enrolled are barely making a living with millions of others left out.


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