Raila issues two tough orders after visiting the scene of Likoni ferry tragedy [Video]

Raila breaks his silence on the Likoni ferry tragedy, talks tough

Raila Odinga and Mbishi Mboko at Likoni Ferry tragedy where he was briefed on the progress of the mission to retrieve the bodies of the victims

Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga visited the scene of the Likoni ferry tragedy where he issued two firm orders after being briefed on the recovery mission that has been running for six days.

The tough-talking African Union special envoy for infrastructure ordered all dredging works in the area to be stopped immediately, stating that debris from the dredging was interfering with the recovery mission.

"I am ordering dredging works to stop immediately as they are interfering with the operations. The amount of debris emitted into the water affect the visibility under the water," Odinga ordered.

He also made it clear that things should change moving forward to avert similar tragedies that has put Kenya Ferry Services on the spot.

"Stringent measures must be put in place to ensure that such an incident does not occur again and we pray to God to grant strength to those affected. The entire nation is in mourning," Odinga affirmed.

Odinga who visited the scene in the company of area MP Likoni MP Mbishi Mboko was speaking after being briefed on the recovery mission that is its sixth day.

Below is the video of Raila making the remarks, courtesy of NTV.

Disappointment at the end of day 5

Day 5 of the search and recovery of bodies of the victims of the Likoni ferry tragedy ended in yet another disappointment with the family still hoping that it will come to an end soon.

On Friday, hopes were high after renowned Swedish diver Volker Bassen joined the rescue team, promising to locate the bodies within 15 minutes and would bring the operation to an end within two hours.

However, the renowned diver found that the reality on the ground was different and admitted that the operation is not an easy one after he emerged from the depth of the ocean without the bodies of Mariam Kigenda and her daughter Amanda.

He offered an apology on live national TV after he failed to deliver o what he had promised: Locating the bodies within 15 minutes and bringing the operation to an end within two hours by retrieving both the car and the bodies.

"I would like to retract my comments in the previous interview that I had where I said that it would take about two hours to retrieve the car wreckage.

"I realized that I had underestimated the conditions especially that the Kenyan navy has to deal with. The situation is that the visibility is unclear, the waters are deep. The currents are terrible that makes it quite difficult for us to locate the car," Bassen stated.


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