Weather forecast: Rains to persist in most parts of the country

Rains to reduce through the week

Residents of these areas told to move to safer grounds as heavy rains continue

The Kenya Meteorological Department has released a forecast of the weather patterns in the country over the next week.

A notice put out by the department outlined that the heavy rains being experienced in most parts of the country should persist.

The weatherman further noted that there would, however, be reduced amounts and coverage areas over the week.

"Rainfall is expected over most parts of the country at the beginning of the forecast period. However, rainfall amounts and coverage are likely to reduce as the forecast period progresses.

"A few areas in the Northwest and the Northeast are likely to experience strong south-easterly winds with speeds exceeding 25 knots (12.9m/s)," the notice outlined in part.

Here is the forecast for days beginning on Tuesday March 6, 2021 to Monday March 12, 2021.


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