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Range Rover owner's Sh1.6 million repair bill gets Kenyans talking

The owner was charged Sh1.6 million for a list of repairs after a minor accident damged the front of the car.

A damaged Rang Rover vehicle

It is no question that Range Rovers in Kenya are the preserve of the rich, owing to the cost of acquiring one.

The car is regarded as a billionaires go-to car because they can comfortably afford all that comes with the top of the range car.

Many Kenyan millionaires also don’t want to pass the opportunity of owning one of these fine vehicles whose presence on the road never goes unnoticed.

However, they are often surprised at how much it costs to operate and maintain the fuel guzzler. Many think that as long as they can afford the fuel, they are financially fit to own one.


One Range Rover owner took to Twitter to share a 2019 invoice that he received after repairing his car which had been involved in a minor accident that damaged the front of the vehicle.

The total price of the repairs cost a whooping Sh1.6 million, with the headlamp taking Sh250,000.

The front bumper was charged as Sh165,000, the radiator panel Sh180,000, bumper Sh170,000.


Pulse Live talked to KTN’s Ken Mijungu who said that the high-end car was a very expensive machine to maintain.

“There are costs people don’t factor while buying these top of the range cars like servicing which is about Sh150,000 for very basic things such as oil change. Insurance ranges between Sh450,000 to Sh1 million,” he explained.

One of the bigger mistakes car enthusiasts make is buying locally used Range Rovers because they are more affordable than new ones.

However, as media personality Nick Odhiambo also confirmed, buying a used model of the fuel guzzler is inviting stress.


“When you talk to therapists in Nairobi they will tell you men are facing depression because of maintaining high-maintenance machines. Don’t buy yourself a used Range Rover,” he said in a past interview.

Even Rovers that appear, upon first glance, to be in exceptional or like-new condition can be hiding some nefarious mechanical problems.

Because most Range Rovers have aluminium bodies, they don't corrode or have a lot of needless body damage.

Because many Range Rovers can still be driven with many mechanical problems since they drive better than most cars it is possible to buy one without realizing that it needs a substantial amount of work.


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