Residents serve Elected leaders with muddy water at a meeting

This is what you get for neglecting us

Marsabit leaders served with muddy water during meeting

Marsabit County residents on Monday served their elected leaders with muddy water during a meeting as a form of protest.

The locals from Karare area, offered the bottles with muddy water to the dignitaries as a sign of dissatisfaction on water shortage and contamination.

The residents explained that the leaders neglected the serious situations affecting the area and instead had focused on other things such as establishing a municipality.

“Our problem is water, not a municipality,” expressed the residents.

Drought stricken

Marsabit County had in the past been affected adversely with water and food shortage during the dry spell.

In 2017, National Drought Management Authority (NDMA) boss in the county Golicha Guyo had noted that North Horr and Laisamis sub-counties were at a risk of losing more livestock due to the dry spell that hit the area in September.

Guyo had stated that the body had provided water for the locals and their animals since the start of that year.


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