Kenyans go HAM on Moses Kuria after controversial post about IEBC’s Chris Msando

Moses Kuria is under siege.

Kenyans have now put Moses Kuria to task to explain why he posted that Chris Musando was with a woman in Roysambu only for him to end up dead.

" So this is Chris Musando’s vehicle now here at Roysambu. The idiot is enjoying sweet time with a woman. And the story was that he is privy to ‘rigging’ and he can’t be found. Verily, verily I say unto you Raila. You will not burn this country. Not when I am alive." Kuria wrote.

He has since pulled down the post, but as they say the Internet never forgets and Kenyans have been pulling up the post real quick asking him to explain it. And true to Kenya’s Twitter culture, they have gone HAM.

Here are just some reactions:

Lord Mutai‏:  Moses Kuria has deleted this post. For justice @JBoinnet, Kuria must be questioned. Kuria is a suspect. Retweet until Bonnet takes action

Philip Etale‏: Moses Kuria DISCOVERED where Chris Msando was. Jubilee knew what they were doing & where he was. He must tell us more #StopElectionRigging

Charles Mark Dienya‏: How did Jubilee Chatterbox Moses Kuria know the location of the Car,  appears Choreographed

Asamo‏ :Moses Kuria said Chris Muhando was enjoying himself. At the city mortuary? @IEBCKenya @JBoinnet

Lord Mutai‏: Moses Kuria, You shall fall. And all Kenyans should retweet this with anger. #RIPMsando. This election is a big joke! A farce!

Faith Mutembei‏ @FaithMutembei: How on earth did Moses Kuria find Msando's car? #MosesKuriaExplain

Omondi‏ @Omondi109 : Moses kuria you should explain to Kenyans what you know about MUSANDO's death.

Mc'Ots: What Role Did Moses Kuria Play in Chris Musando's Death #SearchforMusando #RIPMusando.Is City Mortuary the Woman he referred to in this post

Cyprian, Is Nyakundi‏ : internet never Forgets: Moses Kuria should be questioned pertaining this death. His involvement in Chris Musandos issue is very Suspicious

James Mutua‏: Called someone 'silly' and now he is dead. Moses Kuria can you explain this?

Louis B.‏: Moses Kuria has a toxic thought sequence and insensitive talk, typical of a fool with a lost soul.

Mr.Omoro‏: For Moses Kuria to have known where Musando's car was he must have been trailing him all along. #RIPMsando #ArrestMosesKuria


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