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8 years later, Samuel Wanjiru's mpango wa kando finally speaks on the night he died

"She caught Wanjiru and I in bed," the mpango wa kando revealed.

8 years later, Samuel Wanjiru's mpango wa kando Jane Nduta finally speaks on the night he died

An inquest into the death of Olympic Marathon champion Samuel Wanjiru has heated up eight years later as his mistress came out to confirm that she was with him on the night he died.

Ms Jane Nduta narrated to Nairobi Chief Magistrate Francis Andayi the events that transpired soon after the marathoner's wife Teresia Njeri found them in bed together.

"When Njeri caught Wanjiru and I in bed, she tried to burn me with hot water. I, however, overpowered her, and scalded her with the water she was carrying. At the time Wanjiru was deep asleep.


"She, thereafter, bolted out of the room and locked the house’s main door from the outside," she narrated.

Wanjiru locked me in another bedroom and started pleading with his wife

Nduta told the court that the olympian woke up a few minutes later and locked her in another room in the house to protect her.

According to the mistress, Wanjiru and Njeri engaged in a bitter war of words that was coloured with name-calling but she could not see the drama from the room she was in.

Nduta further told the court that she could not recall how long the fight between Wanjiru and his wife went on because the next thing she remembers is police unlocking the door to the room she was in and arresting her.


"When I looked outside, I saw Wanjiru’s body being carried and put in a waiting police van by five law enforcement officers. Blood was, at the time, oozing from Wanjiru’s nose and mouth," she recounted.

For the course of the trial, Wanjiru's widow has maintained that it is Nduta who attempted to strangle her in the matrimonial bedroom.

Njeri further claims that she locked the door leading out of the home as well as the main gate to prevent Nduta from leaving before the police arrived. She had called the police to report that a strange woman brought to her house by her husband wanted to harm her.

She claims that Wanjiru threw himself off the balcony after she insisted that she would only open the doors after the police arrived.


Evidence was washed by Njeri's sister the following day - Hannah Njeri

The athlete's mother Hannah Wanjiru initiated the court proceedings after she insisted that her son was murdered.

Hannah stated that she found blood in the living room, the matrimonial bedroom and at various other places around the house. She added that she found Njeri's sister cleaning the blood stains in the house the following day.

Wanjiru's mother also narrated that she found broken tiles in the bedroom as well as blood on the balcony rails.


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