Scores arrested last night drinking past curfew hours in Nairobi

To be arraigned in court tomorrow

Scores arrested in Utawala drinking past curfew hours

Police on Saturday night arrested several people in a club in Utawala for flouting Covid-19 directives.

The police found them drinking past 9 pm while the curfew was supposed to start at 7pm before the new guidelines given by President Uhuru on Saturday. They were taken to Kayole police station where they are waiting to be arraigned in court for drinking past curfew hours and failing to observe social distance.

President Uhuru address

Expectant Kenyans had waited eagerly for the President’s address on Saturday hoping that the travel restrictions and the ban on social gatherings would be lifted. That, however, did not happen as only the curfew hours were relaxed while most of the other directives were extended for an extra 30 days.

While addressing the nation on Saturday, President Uhuru Kenyatta cited that Kenya would not be where it is today if not for the stringent measures the government took in March. He went on to note that the country is not prepared for the worst that might happen if the restrictions were to be lifted.

Siaya county has 10 beds

Siaya County has a ten (10) bed isolation facility and they have already admitted nine (9) Covid-19 patients from only one incident. Similarly, Busia County has a thirty-four (34) bed isolation facility. And by two days ago, it was full. If there is a surge in infections in these two counties, the health care system will be overwhelmed. The hard question to pose here, therefore, is whether Kenyans are prepared to nurse COVID-19 patients in their homes if our health care system cannot handle the numbers. Are they prepared to expose their children and the elderly to COVID-19 patients in the close proximity of home?” posed the president.


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