Murkomen reveals how DP Ruto had saved Uhuru's contact on his phone

Uhuru's nickname on DP Ruto's phone

Senator Kipchumba Murkomen reveals how DP William Ruto had saved President Uhuru Kenyatta's contact on his phone

Senate Majority Leader Kipchumba Murkomen on Wednesday night disclosed details of how Deputy President William Ruto had saved President Uhuru Kenyatta's contact on his phone back in 2013.

While narrating how DP Ruto came to deputize the Head of State, Murkomen asserted that Dr Ruto may have been the only politician who believed Uhuru could attain the presidency back then.

"Other than Margaret Kenyatta, Mama Ngina Kenyatta, Kenyatta children, there's no other citizen of this great republic who can claim utmost loyalty to Uhuru Kenyatta than William Ruto.

"In 2013 when Uhuru ran for presidency...when he was shopping around for people who can be his running mate, he went to Raila Odinga and he refused saying he had better to be president, he went to Kalonzo Musyoka who said the same thing, he went to Eugene Wamalwa, Eugene even ran away and found himself completely out of politics. All these people were not willing to play second fiddle to Uhuru Kenyatta.

"William Ruto chose, out of his own volition, and he even told the country that he had made up his mind long before that Uhuru Kenyatta would be president one day. That's how he had saved in his phone, 'Future President'," Murkomen revealed.

Is DP Ruto's life in danger?

Murkomen was speaking during an interview with JKL where he was also put on the spot to explain why DP Ruto believes his life is in danger.

The senator claimed that all through history deputy presidents have had their lives threatened due to political power plays.

"I will turn that question around and ask, has the President ever cared to know why certain ministers attack his deputy publicly? When his deputy is denied security when he is going for functions? Or has he even cared to find out...whether in BBI or other efforts to unite the country...why every day has been attack against William Ruto," Murkomen deflected.


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