Smart trick Influencers are using to work through the month

Hustle smart

Social Media Influencer

The kind of work I do requires me to be online for a large part of my day and sometimes even after-hours.

Being a strategist, part of my job is to help brands get visibility online, more so Twitter and LinkedIn. I’m what they call a Social Media Influencer.

I joined this profession by fluke, I used to just tweet my thoughts and apparently over 5,000 people found them funny and worth a retweet so my account grew and a friend helped me to make a living out of it.

For my work to flow and ensure efficiency, I needed a fast and stable internet to ensure real time execution of campaigns.

Struggles with one telco

My experience with one telco depicted with the green colour was not really nice. I struggled with bundles getting depleted so fast that sometimes my team thought I was just lazy because I couldn't keep up. The costs were also becoming too much.

They even advised me to get a monthly bundle to avoid the need to keep topping up but I still experienced the same problem and had to tetea myself a couple of times to my team and even to clients.

At one time I called customer care to inquire on why a 30-day-bundle of 5GB worth Sh1000 could barely take me to the 15th day of the month. They simply told me I had used it all and I should check my settings.

They also recommended another offer, where I’d get 4GB and 200 minutes talk time but it still didn't help. I was getting frustrated by the excuses and needed a service that would reward me with exactly what I paid for.

I take my work and my clients seriously so I had to come up with a permanent solution to avoid losing business. I had to explore what other networks offer and find a good fit for me. A friend of mine recommended Airtel telling me how their data was economically viable and user friendly.

Upon further digging, I discovered that when I get my Sh1000 Unliminet bundle for the month, I get 7GB! Not 5, not 4 but 7GB.

That’s not even the half of what I get for Sh1000, can you imagine 400 minutes talk time and 2000 SMSs! Most months I don’t even finish them, even when I’m being extravagant calling my mum and texting my sisters for mucene.

So I've been able to keep my team and my clients very happy, no need to tetea myself anymore.

I've also cut off a lot of traveling cost because with Airtel I get to make calls at Sh2 bob even to other networks, so many deals can be negotiated through voice calls.

I actually feel like Airtel is a partner in my business because after my bundle is depleted before the month ends, which is rare by the way, I get a bonus that can support my career for close to a week until I renew my bundle.

I’m left wondering why I didn't make the switch sooner, I would have saved myself a lot of trouble and a whole lot of money! Talk about getting what you pay for.


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