The troubles facing ex-KTN anchor Esther Arunga on Monday escalated after her mother-in-law disowned her as a gold digger who was after her son, Quincy Timberlake’s wealth.

Rosemeg Wambita spoke after Arunga confessed that she had lied to police about her son’s murder in the hands of her husband Timberlake.

She questioned the motive of Arunga’s testimony which laid blame on her husband of nearly ten years.

“That is a lie. I don’t understand what she means since she is the one who said that their son did not die at the hands of her husband”.

“Where was she all this time? This is peculiar to me (sic). It is a lie. I don’t understand it,” she told a local daily.

Timberlake’s mother, who lives in a rented house in Kisumu, said she had been unable to see her son for the past ten years since Arunga came into his life.

Timberlake and Arunga met at the controversial Finger of God Church that was run by musician Joseph Hellon.

She later quit her media job to become involved in the church believed to have had occult practices.

After Hellon and Timberlake fell out, Arunga and her husband flew to Australia where they and she became a lawyer.

Arunga had also sued her parents in 2010, after they protested to her marriage to the controversial Timberlake.

Her parents, Dr Robert Arunga and Mrs Petoline Arunga, are high standing members of the Kenyan society with her father currently chairing the council of the Technical University of Mombasa. He previously chaired the ODM’s National Elections Board.

Australian Police believe that Timberlake, who was being treated for a mental illness, killed the couple’s son, Sinclair while driving out demons out of him.

The former KTN anchor is now staring at a long jail sentence as an accessory to her son’s murder which took place in 2014.