F**k Matiang'i! Mbwa Wewe! This video of High School boys dissing CS Fred Matiang'i has gone viral (WATCH)

For instance, Matiang’i not only BANNED all social activities in all schools in the third term of the academic year but also banned annual general meetings, prize giving ceremonies, thanksgiving, and prayer days.


Ever since he was appointed Education Minister, in  a shakeup that saw President Uhuru Kenyatta overhaul his entire cabinet and even send some characters home, CS Fred Matiang’i has been ruffling feathers and causing quite a stir wherever he goes. And in whatever he does.

No nonsense and very committed to results , the so-called Matiang’i era has seen the Cabinet Secretary storm schools, maker impromptu visits to classes and institutions, overhaul the entire curriculum, cause havoc and introduce some extreme Education measures that have been met with much opposition and even horror.

"There will be no prayer sessions for candidates as has been the case in previous years when parents and outsiders visited schools during third term,

"Going forward, examinations will be reduced to a maximum of four weeks...Headteachers together with their board will take full responsibility and accountability for any exam malpractices that may be reported in their centres," he said in a press conference.

Also, the militaristic way the exams are been conducted has sent shivers down many a spine of exam cheats and their cahoots.

Under Matiang’i, cheating in National Exams has been dramatically reduced as the Cabinet Secretary and his team have taken all measures conceivable to deter any cheating and any leakage of exams.

Also, an unprecedented wave of high school fires broke out after Matiang'i's harsh reign of terror started taking shape.

A student collapses after clashes stemming from Matiangi's rules take effect

Also, it’s been reported that the exams will NOT only be done with by November but also, the marking itself should be done by the end of the same month and the results dispensed to all schools in a bid to deter not just unscrupulousness in marking but also favoritism and corruption in the awarding of the best student and the selection of campuses etc.

Matiang’i’s gang has also been raiding schools and institutions where tuition has been going on and parents – and teachers – have been arrested at large and charged with illegally teaching over the holidays .

Everybody has been taken aback by the new, stringent Matiang'i measures and the most affected of th stake holders are not even the parents (Who will have to stay with their intractable kids for over two months this awry December holiday) but the students themselves who have not only been shut out from any contact with the outside world as they go about their examinations but also put in a very tight corner that can’t allow them to find ways to cheat and copy their exams.

A student inspects his burning metal box after a fire broke out in their dormitory in Kisii

But one group of students from a school we haven’t identified yet is feeling the heat and has decided to respond – in a song.

The two boys, who probably go by the name and appear to hail from the slums of Nairobi, have ganged up and taken the war to Matiangi’s doorstep.

In a video that has been widely circulated on Facebook, and a video that has been trending all weekend, with close to 50,000 views, the two high school boys take bitter shots at the Cabinet Secretary for attempting to weed out corruption and cheating in the exams.

The students, who are clearly very agitated, start off their tirade by boldly yelling‘Fuck Matiang’i  into the shaky camera.

They then sink into an angry drivel spewing out insult after insult and calling out the Cabinet Secretary with all manner of uncouth names...all this time backed up by a thumping hip hop beat ( Desiigner, Panda. )

They also makes serious threats at him, come for his name, disparage his job and even g personal in their attacks.

Here’s the 14 most disgusting things the high school boys have said in the viral video. Do they qualify for an arrest? You be the judge.

1 Fuck Matiangi…Hata wewe sasa umekuja sana…

2. KCSE bado tutaibiwa

3. Sisi ni wezi…Kenya is full of corruption motherfucker

4. Corruption is an economic activity in Kenya

5.  Matiang’i…Umbwa…Ngui…sikutambui

6. Sistako Wambui pia yeye simtambui

7. Umbwa, Malaya, takataka, mimi ni mrui…

8. Mtihani lazima tuibe na hio sio siri

9. Nakutishia na kama uko na zogo kuja univae

10. Matiang’i kumbe hunaga akili

11. Kuja univae nimekungojea kejani saa hii

12.Vitabu sikuli…KCSE najua nitapita

13. Na vile uko na mdomo biggy

14. Umekuja juzi na unajifanya CID


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