Singer Selena Gomez reminds Uhuru of important promise he made in 2018

American singer Selena Gomez message to Uhuru

American singer Selena Gomez has come to collect on an important pledge President Uhuru Kenyatta made in 2018.

In a message to President Kenyatta, Ms Gomez reminded the former of his pledge to improve the state of education in the country.

Uhuru made the pledge in 2018 during the Global Citizen Concert, where he stated that the funding for education in Kenya will be improved from 17% to 30% of the national budget.

Ms Gomez did a follow up through her message and asked the President to give an update on steps his government had taken to fulfill that pledge.

Uhuru's message

"President Kenyatta, at the Global Citizens Festival in South Africa, promised to increase spending in education from 17% to an impressive 30% of the national budget, but we haven't seen progress or received an update on this yet," she stated.

President Kenyatta made the pledge via a video message played at The Global Citizen Festival at the FNB Stadium in Johannesburg, South Africa.

"Many global citizens have called upon my administration to maintain its education budget above 20% of our total budget but I want to go one step further.

Unkept pledge

"This year I pledge to you that in Kenya, our education budget will be closer to 30% of our total budget, making it probably the highest on the African continent," Uhuru announced.

However, during the 2019/2020 budget, the Ministry of Education was allocated Ksh473.4 billion of the Ksh3.03 trillion national budget.

This accounted for only 15.4% of the national budget, roughly half of what the president had promised at the South African summit.

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