Sirisia MP John Waluke on Thursday attended his first parliamentary session since his release from jail where he had been held since June 2020.

Waluke was given a heroes welcome that briefly interrupted proceedings at the National Assembly.

MPs thumped their feet while Jubilee Nominated MP ululated and clapped prompting a warning from the temporary Speaker Jessica Mbalu.

"Mr Speaker, I apologize for getting carried away. I was a little over excited but unlike my colleagues who used their feet, I don't have legs so I used my hands and my mouth," Sankok said.

Waluke said he was grateful to be free after what he described as a tough three months behind bars.

"I was in jail for almost four months and I want to thank all those members of this house who stand with me in those difficult times. It is a very big experience and I have also learnt a lot," the MP said.

Waluke was in June convicted on charges of theft of public funds and sentenced to 67 years in prison with the alternative of a Sh1.02 billion.

The MP appealed the decision at the High Court and on Monday gained temporary relief after he was granted a Sh10 million cash bail.