Kori's wife Mary Wambui was daughter to firebrand politician who stole Moi's wheat

Mary Wambui's father gave Moi some sleepless nights

Mary Wambui Kamangara

The brutal murder of Mary Wambui rekindled memories of her late father John Maina Kamangara, who was a firebrand politician in the moi era.

Mr Maina goes down in history as the man who harvested President Daniel Arap Moi's wheat without permission.

The renowned politician was not afraid of ruffling feather of the powers that be as he had several encounters with the law as he fought injustice in the 1980s and 1990s.


He was constantly under the radar of the dreaded Special Branch and at one point President Moi asked who the hell was Kamangara.

This was after Moi's farm manager William Lasoi complained that Kamangara was harvesting the President's wheat since he had leased a farm next to Moi's.

After his name was whispered to the Head of State, Kamangara was among a group of businessmen who were arrested and charged with taking an oath to topple the government.

In the early 1990s, Kamangara was arrested in a state sponsored crackdown against the pro-democracy movement which was led by FORD's Jaramogi Oginga Odinga.


At some point, Kamangara led the Jaramogi faction when Ford split and even organized what goes down as one of the biggest political rallies at Afraha Stadium.

The Ford wave was at an all-time high at that point that even the police could not stop the rally just two days before the 1992 General Election.

Supporters would later march towards the Nakuru State House chanting and singing eviction songs.

The GSU who manning the State House gates reportedly opened the gates and protesters matched in only to be locked inside and clobbered when GSU trucks arrived.

Kamangara is said to have escaped the wrath of the GSU in his Toyota Celica.


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