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Robbers drill a hole into Equity bank and disappear with ATM plus the money in it

The robbery happened on Saturday night but Equity Bank only realized they had been robbed on Sunday afternoon despite the bank being guarded 24/7.


The amount of time that was poured into planning and executing the robbery tells you robbers who stole money and ATM from Equity bank in Kayole had skills to design a 30-storey skyscraper.

The normal way of robbing a bank is usually storming into the banking hall armed with AK47s and terrorizing everyone before taking the money and fleeing in a hired car.

But the thieves who robbed Equity bank in Kayole didn’t do it by the books, they must have been inspired by Prison Break or something.

The theft happened on Saturday night November 5th; the thieves drilled a hole into a wall leading to the bank's safe before they stole the ATM and the money in it.


The robbery was however detected on Sunday at around 3pm despite the fact that the bank is usually guarded round the clock.

Daily Nation reports that the smart thieves disabled the bank’s CCTV and alarm systems after they drilled the rear wall which they used as both exit and entry points.

The server room, two big safes and the teller safes were all broken into and unknown amount of cash stolen during the Saturday night robbery.

Equity Bank has now had two major robberies in the past two years; last year a gang of robbers posing as Equity Bank auditors stole Kes 30million from Equity Bank, Othaya branch in Nyeri .


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