South African MP trolled after celebrating luxuries Kenyan MPs enjoy

I am MP for a wrong country - South African opposition MP

South African UDM MP Nqabayomzi Kwankwa trolled after spending day in Nairobi with Senator Isaac Mwaura

South African opposition MP Nqabayomzi Kwankwa has been trolled on Twitter after he implied that he would rather be an MP in Kenya to enjoy the luxuries they enjoy.

The South African legislator who is also deputy president of the UDM opposition party spent the day with nominated Jubilee Senator Isaac Mwaura in Nairobi during which he noted that SA MPs do not enjoy being chauffeured.

" Spending a day with Hon. Dr Mwaura today in Nairobi, I realized that I am an MP for a wrong country. 😜 MPs here have a driver, a body guard, a PA [personal assistant], a researcher, a communications officer and an administrative assistant. @BantuHolomisa

"In South Africa, we fend for ourselves. We don’t even have PAs," Nqabayomzi tweeted.

The SA MP also roped in a fellow MP into the conversation, one Bantu Holomisa, who expressed similar sentiments stating: "I understand your frustration but Kenya has been there long before us. However, we may have to benchmark with Kenya. Although we are renowned with the best constitution in the continent or world but the support systems to SA MPs are a challenge."

Kenyans and South Africans alike trolled the MPs accusing them of being greedy yet the people that they should serve are poor.


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