MPS who have accepted SRC's salary cut (Full list)

The Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) received severe backlash after slashing MPs salaries recently.

The President’s and Governor’s salaries were also slashed in a move that is expected to save taxpayers more than Sh 8 Billion annually.

This new announcement has been met with outrage from a section of MPs who feel that the new SRC decision to slash their salary has reduced them to ‘peasants’ while others feel that the new salaries structure does not ‘honor them.’

But there are those who have accepted SRC's decision and they are:

1. Embakasi West Member of Parliament- George Theuri

On Wednesday the flamboyant MP asked newly elected MPS to accept the new salaries and asked them not to complicate things.

He told those dissatisfied with their new salaries to quit as their demands are very embarrassing and they should concentrate more on helping the people rather than filling their pockets.

“While applying for a job everyone takes time to know what the job description entails and what to expect so plz to my dear colleagues joining me in the 12th Parliament it was very clear what your pay was to be after Sarah Serem reviewed our pay so plz lets not complicate things " tosheka na tuliyo tarajia" otherwise if u think the pay is kidogo bado ni mapema hatujaapishwa bado taafuta kazi utalipwa utakavyo otherwise hii mambo mumeanza inatuchomea picha. It's time to be different pay iko sawa kabisa. Ule anaona doo haitoshi jiuzulu kuitishwe by elections mtu yuko content na mshahara awakilishe watu... tusionekane kama tumbo crats.”

2.  Gatundu South Member of Parliament Moses Kuria

Usually controversial, Moses Kuria surprised many when he welcomed the Salary and Remuneration Commission's decision to slash off salaries and even asked them to slash his pay by a further 15 per cent.

He stated that he felt it was unfair for him to have fat pockets while there are people who do not even have food. “It is tempting to ask you not to cut my salary or reduce my sitting allowances. But when I think of the kind of a country I will bequeath to my boys Brian and Dennis, I think twice. When I remember that there are families in this country who did not have something for dinner last night, not because they forgot to cook but because they did not have something to cook, I think twice. I hope that other non-political public officers will take notice.” He wrote.

3. Nyali Member of Parliament Mohammed Ali

The former KTN journalist felt that since he spent his whole career advocating for equality and fairness it would be hypocritical if his first move in parliament was to enrich himself.

“I, Mohamed Ali Mohamed do not support any move to increase my salary and that of my fellow elected Members of Parliament. I have fought for equality and fairness all through my career and my first move as a Parliamentarian will not be to enrich myself. 40% of my countrymen live on an average of 10000 shillings or less. I do not see the purpose of an increment without ensuring that we create a legal framework for our countrymen to generate wealth FIRST. Count my vote against this.” He wrote

4. Member of Parliament Starehe Constituency- Jaguar

The Kigeugeu singer proved that he was not a Kigeugeu like most MPs by supporting SRC’s decision to have salaries slashed.

“Just to categorically state; I am not in support of a pay rise. Count me out. #MPsPay #mwamkompya #starehe.”He tweeted before adding “For the few that got me out of context; I am in total support of the SRC pay cut. Count me in. - 'Tomayto Tomahto' My stand remains the same”


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