Surviving Njaanuary: How to pay less for your data bundles & airtime

Beat Njanuary money blues

How to pay less for your data bundles & airtime

Njaanuary is here and things are thick after the merrymaking and parte after parte in December.

The bills are coming in thick and fast and the salary seems to be stalled because most people were paid earlier.

December was characterised by overspending and extravagant merrymaking which almost always seems to haunt us in January, the month seems two in one.

With students going back to school, fees need to be paid including other bills, every kenyan is looking to squeeze their finances a bit and pounce on everything and anything they could save.

Saving big

Be it transports, meals, more time in the house watching movies just to save and cut on unnecessary spending.

In all these, nothing sucks more than being broke and you can't afford to support your smartphone. In today's world our social and personal lives are literally in our hands. Keeping up with what's happening around you is crucial.

We all hate paying more and even before you double tap, like or share something a message pops up reminding you that your data bundle is almost up.

Worse still you are having a conversation on the phone and it beeps reminding you your time has run up. It doesn't have to be this bad, even as you live though njaanuary. Airtel has got your back with the best rates in town!

Lifetime subscription

This comes just at the right time considering what other telcos in the country are charging for data and airtime. Airtel offers you the best out of bundle prices. This Njanuary you do not need to worry about buying a bundle for your data and voice needs.

Just dial *544*2# and start browsing and making calls at the best rate in Kenya. You can now browse for as low as 1bob per 5 Mbs and call for just 2bob per minute across all networks, guys this is the real deal.

There are No conditions, No bundle purchase required and No subscription. It's easy to get access to this by just dialing *544*2#. This is for a lifetime. It has no expiry date at all.

Tuchanuke hii January #BeSureNaAirtel!


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