Murdered catholic priest's secret lover emerges with damning confession of a toxic mix of sex, greed and money

Investigations take a dramatic twist after confession by alleged lover

Detectives stabd next to the body of murdered Catholic priest Michael Kyengo

Claims of a toxic mix of sex, greed and that may have led to the murder of Catholic priest Michael Kyengo have emerged with a secret lover to the deceased revealing damning allegations.

At the center of the new revelations is the prime suspect in the murder who now claims that he was romantically involved with the slain priest with the Standard reporting that text messages shared between the two support these claims.

The publication reports that Kyengo exchanged romantic messages with the 25 year old male suspect in whose house the priest is believed to have been murdered referring to each other as “Hi dear” and “hi my love”.

A detective involved in the investigations was quoted stating that “Just like in cases where claims of sexual nature are made, we (detectives) are considering a second round of examination on his body to confirm if there was any intercourse”.

Reports indicate that the slain priest met his alleged lover in 2008 in Machakos and love allegedly blossomed between the two men.

Knife recovered from latrine in suspect's residence

Police on Thursday raided the key suspect’s house in Embu and confirmed that Kyengo was killed inside the house occupied by the suspect who now claims to have been a secret lover to the priest.

Police also recovered a knife from a pit latrine in the suspect’s home. It is believed that this is the knife that was used to slit the Kyengo’s throat and stab him twice in the stomach, leading to his death.

Also arrested is 44 year old Solomon Mutava who drove the suspect to Malindi in the murdered priest’s car.

Mutava was arrested in Malindi driving the car which had since been repaited (from white to grey) and reportedly led the police to the suspect’s house where the bizarre murder is believed to have happened.

He also led the police to the shallow grave where the body of the priest was found.

Battle for money

Allegations of greed and a vicious battle for money also surfaced after the police were informed by Kyengo’s alleged lover that he had suspect informed the police that a senior Catholic church had differed with the deceased over money.

The suspect told the police that the murdered priest had confided in him that there was bad blood between him and his boss over an undisclosed amount of money in the church.

DCI Special Crime Prevention Unit boss Pius Gitari confirmed that the suspect has since been arrested but declined to give further details.


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