Suspect Robert Ouko opens up to police on Kelvin Omwenga's death

Suspect explains Kelvin Omwenga's death

CCTV footage reveals damning details of what happened before and after Kevin Omwenga's shooting [Video]

Robert Bodo Ouko, suspected to have pulled the trigger that killed Kelvin Omwenga shared inside details of the shooting with police.

Ouko who is the rime suspect in Omweng's shooting at Galana Suites in Kilimani claimed the shooting was accidental.

In a statement recorded by Ouko to the police on Sunday, August 23, the suspect he confirmed that the gun went off while the two were fighting over it.

The suspect's statement does not explain what the argument betweeen him and the deceased was about.

It also doesn't explain who between him and Omwenga pulled the trigger that released the bullet that ripped through the latter’s chest and hit a wall on the bedroom.

Gun fight

Ouko, works as businessman Chris Obure's personal bodyguard, and he told police that he took the gun from his boss' office at Senteu Plaza next to Galana suits where the shooting occurred.

He reportedly took the gun on Friday, August 21 at 6:00 a.m. and returned it a few minutes before midnight.

Detectives were not able to record statements from Mr Ouko and the other suspect, Mr Obure, on Saturday as they were intoxicated.

Mr Obure is reported to have told police that the gun was retrieved from a safe in his office on the first floor of Santeu Plaza next to Omwenga’s residence without his knowledge.


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