Exclusive: What you didn't know about the youngest politician who wants to be Nairobi Senator

One-on-one with the Nairobi Senatorial aspirant Suzanne Lengewa


Ms. Lengewa is confident enough to dive where the sharks are because she believes 'somebody must do it'.

Vying as an independent candidate, the Kenyatta University graduate does not have any fear that her being young will be a hindrance during the much-awaited poll.

During an exclusive interview with Plive.co.ke Suzanne opened up about her vision for Nairobi and also allowed us to enter her world on a more personal level.

Five important pillars she has founded her bid on, is getting rid of the high unemployment rate, inefficient and insufficient medical facilities, unhealthy business environment, poor housing, and sanitation in the capital.

"Nairobians are living in mud houses just minutes away from the City center. This is not right!" Lengewa remarked during the interview.

Once elected she will ensure that the already existing laws will be implemented to ensure Nairobi is better for everyone.

She is looking forward to implementing the oversight role of Senators effectively by involving the whole community.

"I will put oversight even at the community level so that the role is not left to one person. When the whole community is involved people are able to hold the County Government to account," she mentioned.

Ms. Lengewa is confident that her being young and also the only woman seeking the Senatorial position in Nairobi, she has an edge over her candidate.S

Speaking to Plive.co.ke the 23-year-old revealed some interesting facts about her:

1. She is a public communication officer at a private organization which deals with health.

2. She studied music at the Kenyatta University.

3. She went to Moi Girls for her O levels.

4. Deceased veteran politician Wangari Mathai  is her number one inspiration.

5. Her campaigns are solely being funded by well-wishers

6. Suzanne's campaign strategy is going to where the people are  that is door-to-door.

7. If  she does not get elected she will continue championing for change in Kenya.

8. Her slogan is 'We are the people' - which simply means the people are the deciding factor.


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