Primary school teacher beats student to death

Pupil dead after teacher's beating

Primary school teacher beats student to death

A teacher has been arrested after she beat a class 7 pupil causing her death.

The family of the 14-year-old said their daughter was hit on the head by the teacher for lacking a textbook.

According to reports the pupil Aisha Awadh, died while receiving treatment for internal bleeding at Msambweni Referral County Hospital.

Her mother, Memsa Mwajereko, said that her daughter, an alleged sickle-cell patient, died at the hospital as the family sought to raise Ksh6,000 for X-ray.

I had presented medical documents to the school about my daughter’s sickness so that they give her the right treatment which included zero beatings. The school, however, continued canning," the mother said.

Teacher in police custody

It is the beating that caused my daughter’’ death. The law should take its course because I had informed the school about the danger of beating my daughter,” she added.

Ms Memsa said her daughter would still be alive were it not for the teacher, whom she has accused of being inconsiderate of the child’s condition.

Lunga Lunga Sub-County Police Commander Peter Nzimbi said the suspect Lydia Munyori has been arrested and is now waiting to be taken to court.

He stated that the post-mortem report confirmed that the cause of Aisha’s death was a head injury that led to the clotting of blood.


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