The Late Mzee Moi was 105 years old- Son reveals

Mzee was not 95 years- Son says

The Late Retired President Moi's sons, MP Raymond Moi & Senator Gideon Moi

Raymond Moi, the son to the late former President Daniel Moi has claimed that his father was 105 years old.

He was speaking during a service for the former president at his Kabarnet Gardens home in Nairobi.

We read in the magazines and newspapers that Mzee was 95 years old, but Mzee was not 95 and I think many of you have surmised that,” Raymond stated.

Raymond made the remarks when he referenced a friend of the former president, Erik Barnett, who currently resides in the US.

Mr Barnett today is 103 years old. He and Mzee used to play football when they were young,” Raymond stated.

Raymond Moi's take

He asked us why we kept saying Moi was 92. We told him we were told that Mzee was born in 1924, so he must be that age and he said No,” he added.

According to Raymond, Mr Barnett told them they used to play football with Mzee Moi and they would plead with him not to break their legs since he was older than them.

Barnett said there was no way Moi could be younger than him, but older by two or three years.

So we calculated that Mzee at a minimum must be 105 years,” Raymond said.

At 105 years, is a long life. If there was anything Mzee loved, it was God, and his faith took him through some difficult moments as president,” he continued.


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