The youth should sanitize & normalize their passion temperatures - Justice Odunga's poetic ruling that has gone viral

Judge condemns domestic violence with interesting choice of words

Justice George Odunga

Machakos High Court Judge Justice George Odunga has a tendency to attract attention in the corridors of justice.

Odunga became a household name during his tenure at the Nairobi High Court where he worked at the Constitutional division. The Judge was never afraid to listen on controversial matters and often made rulings against the government.

In his new station in Machakos, the judge has attracted social media attention after making a passionate ruling riddled with a message to the youth warning them against domestic violence.

Unlike most rulings that are filled with boring legalese, Odunga's ruling was poetic and marked by contemporary flowery language to match this era of the Covid19 crisis.

"Young men and women must appreciate that your girlfriend or boyfriend is not your property. He (boyfriend) or she (girlfriend) has the right to say no at any stage of the relationship and where according to her, she has seen the light whether before embarking on the journey or in the course of the journey to Damascus, and feels that you are not the rib that was meant for him or her, you must accept the decision and move on however painful it might be," the learned judge said in the ruling that has since gone viral.

He added that while it was normal to persuade someone to love you, use of violence was not an option.

"While one may use the use the art of persuasion to try change another’s mind, he or she have no right to resort to violence to quarantine or lock him or her down."

"Instead, what one can do to avoid harming others through violence is to sanitise oneself from the temptation to cause harm to a person who finds his/her company unwelcome and to keep social distance until such a time that he/she has had their passion temperature normalised or has vaccinated themselves against such temptations," Odunga added.

The ruling was made in the case Republic Vs Anthony Muema Mutisya where the accused was found guilty of murdering his girlfriend after he suspected he was cheating on her.

Mutisya was handed the death sentence in the case.


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