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They wanted me in a quarantine facility - Moses Kuria's statement after reports he had been kidnapped

Moses Kuria explains his absence, says he is safe

They wanted to put me in a quarantine facility - Moses Kuria's statement after reports he had been kidnapped

Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria has released a statement explaining his whereabouts that had been the subject of speculation with alegations of being kidnapped or under arrest.

Kuria said he was safe and sound but had retreated after learning of a plan to arrest him and place him in a quarantine facility.

He said the orders were issued by a senior government officer who was unhappy with his visit to Korogocho where he hit out at President Uhuru Kenyatta for the state's demolition of hundreds of houses allegedly built on public land meant for a sewerage plant.

Here is Kuria's full statement:


My great people of the Kenya land and Nation. I am safe and sound. I have not been abducted. And, again, I am safe. I am overwhelmed by the outpouring of your love, your concern and solidarity

On Wednesday 6th May 2020, Kariobangi North MCA Hon Maina Njoka tried to offer help to the people of Kariobangi Sewage Village who had their houses demolished in the most barbaric manner.

Hon Njoka was arrested and held overnight at Pangani Police station, despite the DCIO Pangani assuring me personally that he would be released. Hon Njoka was only freed by a makeshift court at Kasarani stadium on Thursday 7th May 2020 at 5pm after laughable and flimsy charges.

The objective of Hon Njoka's incarceration was to discourage anyone from standing with the suffering people of Kariobangi Sewage and Korogocho Market

On Friday, 8th May 2020, Ndindi Nyoro and myself decided to accompany Hon Maina Njoka to fulfill his desire to stand by the people who voted for him. As responsible leaders, we first presented to Kariobangi Police Station whereby we explained to the OCS and the Deputy OCS our mission and assured them that we have no ulterior motive other than to stand with our people.


We then proceeded to Sewage Village and the adjacent Korogocho Market which had by then cut off by way of digging a deep trench around it to deny traders access thus putting the lives of tens of thousands who depend on food from the market at risk. The demolitions at KariobangiSewage Village are heart wrenching to say the least. Women and children are spending days and nights in the cold. They have no money. They have no food. Rains are mercilessly pounding on them. They were told by their government to stay indoors due to the Corona Virus yet the same government demolishes the same houses they were asked to stay in. And to make matters worse the same government stops wellwishers and leaders from assisting them.

All the same, we devised ways and managed to address the people of Kariobangi Sewage and Korogocho market. We carefully listened to their cries and tears and promised to engage the government on these inhumane and barbaric actions against people who largely voted for the Jubilee government (Not that it matters, they are human beings to say the least)

Upon leaving the market, we retreated to Homeland inn along Thika Road for a brief meeting. It is at that point that I got information from very reliable sources that a very senior person had ordered for my arrest for daring to go to Korogocho. The police leadership at Kariobangi was also under severe pressure and intimidation as to why they had not arrested me. As I left Homeland inn I was followed by 3 vehicles and had to use all sorts of deviations and tactics to dodge them. The objective was clearly to arrest me and hold me throughout the weekend or even worse to detain me in a quarantine facility. I was determined not to let this happen as I had done no wrong other than to stand with suffering people. More so, I would not do so without my personal doctor given what happened to Ken Matiba. The other objective was also to send a message to the so called political class not to stand with the people at their hour of need. I have been used before as a guinea pig to send a message to the opposition, the political class . I was arrested and charged in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 to facilitate arrests of opposition leaders. I had to battle those charges in court before I was acquitted of all of them But. But still, I am not a guinea pig. I am a human being. I am a husband, a father, a leader, a brother and a son to my dear mother who gets depressed when her son is arrested and charged only to send a message to others. I am very sure if the United Nations demand that a Kenyan be offered to test the Corona Virus vaccine, the Kenya government will offer Moses Kuria as the guinea pig to test the vaccine

To the people of Korogocho and Kariobangi village, you shall not walk alone. I will be back with my colleagues and other well wishers to stand with you

And to you my people. Stay safe. And be vigilant. We have rights. And we shall never give in to tyranny


God Bless Kenya


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