Two men arrested feeding on human flesh (EXTREMELY disturbing photos)

A shocking case of cannibalism has hit the social media; photos of two men arrested with human body parts have send chills down many people’s spine.


Many people thought cannibalism ended with the dawn of civilization but apparently there are still people out there feeding on human flesh.

The last incident that was closely related to cannibalism that shocked Kenya to its root was way back in 2010 when serial killer Philip Onyancha confessed to killing and drinking his victim’s blood.

But even Onyancha didn’t eat human flesh; two men from the neighboring Uganda exclusively preyed on fellow human beings for meat.

Uganda News reports that police caught two men red handed feeding on human flesh while still even possessing some of the yet to be cooked bodies on 29th October.

Locals in Kiboga village report that the two men had been killing and feeding on fellow village mates; they said people had been disappearing without a trace.

Police found a body of a woman whose head was decapitated hidden the suspects’ house when they arrested.

Human head was also being boiling in the sufuria in the suspects’ homestead. It’s not clear whether the two men were feeding on human flesh out of hunger or their cannibalism was linked to a cult.


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