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Leave these things in 2019 PLEASE!

Can we please act accordingly in the new decade

Things we are leaving in 2019

1. Gender Wars on social media

Just because we are trying to attain gender equality does not mean women and men enjoyed more equal opportunities or, men and women would see the world in similar ways.

The African set up has not yet given in to the changing tides of time.

An increasing number of educated men will argue they are the ones being screwed by modern society, not women. Phrases like "boy child under siege" have been common on social media spaces.


Can we all argue for our issues without demeaning the struggle of the opposite gender? Can we honestly fight and speak up for equality.

Gender differences really do exist. Men and women, boys and girls, really do behave differently. There is something to be celebrated in our differences.

2. Femicides

Violence against women and girls is rooted in gender-based discrimination and social norms and gender stereotypes that perpetuate such violence. News has been awash with stories of missing women who end up dead and in most cases killed by those close to them.


In the new decade let's protect women. Violence against women comprises a wide range of acts – from verbal harassment and other forms of emotional abuse, to daily physical or sexual abuse. At the far end of the spectrum is femicide: the murder of a woman.

People should stop standing on the sidelines and asking questions such as "what did she do?" "What is the background of this case?" Nothing validates or equates to human life being taken.

3. Cringey beauty hacks

Can we please leave those creepy trends behind. Having nails that resemble combs, corkscrews, human teeth, and even hair. Eyebrows shaped like coat hangers, fishtails, right angles, and halos. No ma'am let us do better in 2020.


4. Complaining online but doing nothing to change the situation

Stop complaining and take action! Social media has a lot of positives. My aim writing this is not to ask you to take the law into your own hands. As a team at pulselive we agree that the rule of law should be followed.

The point here is about when you see something wrong happening and you do not call it out immediately but wait until you are on social media to complain.

Everyone likes to complain that ruling class but no one wants to take responsibility for it coming down to this. If you're one of those people, dislike them in silence. You're allowed to be angry but if and only if you did something actively to protest injustice during the ODM Monday riots, joined political parties to vote for better leader etc.


I am tired of hearing people complain about elections and who we must choose. So instead of fussing about it on Facebook or Twitter, do something about it.

5. Long introduction to YouTube videos

If the video has a long introduction we are not watching. As much as viewers enjoy your content the long introduction just doesn't cut it for most of them. This has been spoken on for aeons, You-tubers please stop.


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