Clearing Mzee Moi's office to take 3 months - gov't official

Kenyan taxpayers to save millions

Mzee Moi's ceremonial rungu. Treasury to clear former President Daniel Arap Moi office, fire employees in 3 months

The National Treasury has kicked off the process to close up former President Mzee Daniel Arap Moi's state office and dismissing employees who were attached to the office.

According to an insider, the government will be repossessing vehicles, a fully-furnished office and laying off 40 workers who had been hired for the office.

Treasury also disclosed that retirement benefits will also be discontinued. Should the law be applied strictly, the pension payments will be stopped by the end of February.

"The law does not support further payment linked to the Moi retirement benefits and we expect the office to be wound up over the next three months," a government official stated.

Millions to be saved from former Presidents' budget

Hundreds of millions will be saved on the former presidents' budget given that tax payers will have spent Sh243 million on the late Mzee Moi and former President Mwai Kibaki by June 2020.

Former Presidents are entitled to a pension equivalent to 80% of the current president's salary in addition to benefits of a team of officials hired by the government for them.


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