Pakistani TV provide evidence showing Donald Trump was born in the Islamic state before being adopted by his American parents

Donald Trump called for total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering America. Now his ancestry has been traced back to Pakistan, an Islamic state.


Karma is a bitch; US president-elect, Donald Trump, fanned a crackpot conspiracy about Obama's birthplace for years. He disputed the fact that Obama was born in Hawaii claiming he was born in Kenya and even had a Kenyan birth certificate.

Now conspiracy theorists are also claiming the US president-elect was born in Waziristan, Pakistan in 1946. Pakistani news channel, Neo News, ran an extraordinary report suggesting that Donald Trump was born Dawood Ibrahim Khan in the Islamic state.

The station claimed a young Trump was taken to London by an army captain before being adopted by his American parents.

Photograph shown by the Pakistani TV depicts a blond boy wearing khaki clothing whom they claimed is Donald Trump.

Critics have however rubbished claims US president-elect was born in Pakistan; some argue Trump’s anti-Muslim rhetoric is the reason why some people are casting aspersions on his birth place.

Trump called for barring of all Muslims from entering the United States in December 2015 in the wake of a deadly mass shooting in San Bernardino, California, by suspected ISIS sympathizers.


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