There's no need to pretend - 'Twa Twa' Pastor explains why she is passionate about bedroom matters

We are anointed for Twa Twa matters - Pastor Susan Munene

'Twa Twa' Pastor Susan Munene explains why she is passionate about bedroom matters

Internet sensation Pastor Susan Munene, who popularized the 'Twa Twa' euphemism for intercourse, on Thursday clarified why she is passionate about speaking to married couples on bedroom matters.

Speaking at Gukena FM, the Pastor Susan narrated that she and her husband have been in ministry for about 15 years and they have been offering Christian counselling for married couples during the time.

"My husband and I have been preaching for the last 15 years and what we noticed in our ministry is that diverse groups of people attend church, however, many of those who came to us for marriage counselling seemed to share one major problem and that is 'twa twa' [sexual intimacy]. Seriously, as we tried to help couples solve their disputes we would ask them what causes most of their disagreements, was it money? No. Was it a car? No. Was it a house? No. Was it their children? No. And they would even be shy to admit that they were dissatisfied in the bedroom.

"God has given us the gift of calling things as they are, if it is a spoon as Munene's family we call it a spoon. So my husband and I agreed that whenever God would give us an opportunity to speak to couples we would make sure sex is addressed. If there is a couple addicted to healing marriages in the area of 'twa twa' it is us, we are passionate about it. And we agreed with my husband that we wouldn't pretend that our sex life is great when it's not so we had to work on our own marriage first," Pastor Susan narrated.

"Twa Twa" internet sensation

Pastor Susan insisted that her message is for married couples only in line with the Bible she preaches which condemns sex before marriage.

She also clarified that when she advised couples to "...garini twa twa (have sex in the car)" she meant when the couple is by themselves.

"Yes I advised couples to have sex everywhere - in the car, in the bathroom, in the living room - but only when they are alone. Of course it is not advisable to 'twa twa' in front of children or at the supermarket when you are doing your monthly shopping but so long as the married couple is in a private space then they should explore 'twa twa' in different places because if they just stick to their bed it will definitely get boring," the preacher advised.

A clip of Pastor Susan addressing a congregation was widely circulated on social media platforms earlier in the week in which she described how she and her husband have been able to strengthen their marriage.

Snippets of the pastor's sermon have since been converted to songs and memes.


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