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Kenya’s hottest Twitter trends for 2018

2018 was an exciting year on Twitter as the months were lit up by top trending hash-tags and topics where Kenyans showcased their comedic genius.

Photos shared on some of Kenya's hottest trends of 2018

Some of the trends were inspired by political events while most others were social issues that had caused debates in the country.

Samantha the sex doll

The year kicked off with a buzz over Samantha the sex doll that was invented by Barcelona-based engineer Sergi Santo.

The trend shot up even higher after Kenya Films Classification Board (KFCB) CEO Ezekiel Mutua likened having sex with the doll to necrophilia (having sex with the dead).



In April 2018, the #IfikieWazazi hash tag was initiated on Twitter to highlight indecent behaviour exhibited by teenagers away from parental supervision.

Concerned Kenyans shared photos taken by the teenagers in suggestive poses as they admonished the youngsters for engaging in the vice.

Here are some of the posts that went viral on the hash tag.



South African Opposition politician Julius Malema made history in Kenya with his famous “Mama, give us a sign” sound byte.

Malema’s tribute to the late Winnie Mandela during her funeral was such a hit that Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro attempted to replicate it during the late Kenneth Matiba’s funeral.

Catch the captivating speech here.


Amani Gracious

14-year-old Facebook sensation Amani Gracious made her debut to fame in June 2018.

The budding musician was recorded by a tourist while she belted out Alicia Keys’ “Girl on Fire” tune and got a recording deal after her video went viral.

Under the stage name “Amani G” the girl had dropped three hits by the end of the year featuring big names such Vivian and Pitson.

Brain Cell 1/ Brain Cell Vs Mouth


In July, Kenyans came up with a hilarious trend where they illustrated how sometimes what we say is completely opposite of what we initially thought.

Here are some of the funny posts that were shared.



What has become a common buzzword among Kenyans, kieleweke, was initially a controversial song by Kikuyu Benga musician Kimani wa Turacco.

The song, “Hatuna deni wacha kieleweke”, was targeted at DP William Ruto who intends to vie for the presidency in 2022.

The musician made it clear that the Kikuyu community had no debt to give their votes to the DP contrary to the notion that President Uhuru Kenyatta owes Ruto support given that Ruto backed the former in the previous two elections.


Nairobi MCA Mary Njambi went viral in a short clip where she cried out, “Amenirushia mafirifiri kwa macho, si hiyo ni krimino [criminal]!” during a scuffle at City Hall where MCAs wanted to forcefully remove former speaker Beatrice Elachi from office.


Members of the public were entertained by the heavy Kikuyu accent in her statement and went on to share the video widely.

She would later deny that she participated in the ouster of county assembly speaker arguing that she is a staunch Christian with high moral standards.


Kenyans took up the Redsan challenge after a violent audio clip of the popular dancehall artiste emerged.

In the audio clip, the musician was heard engaged in an altercation with his producer Dr Sappy and later pouncing on the producer with blows before chasing him out of his compound.


Here are some of the posts that were shared.



The unakufa tag became a trend in October with the inspiration behind it remaining a mystery.

Kenyans shared a number of common scenarios that weirdly ended in death.

Here are some of the posts that were shared.



November saw the tumultuous return of the Michuki traffic laws that left passengers stranded for weeks as PSV owners rushed to comply.

Here are some of the posts that coloured the month.


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