Two killed in bizarre murder


Two killed in bizarre murder

Two families are in mourning following the bizarre murder of their sons over the festive season.

In the first incident, a car wash attendant was stabbed to death by a stranger in Mukuyu Market on 26th December.

The deceased identified as Kelvin Mbugua was attacked by one of his clients who had taken his car to be cleaned at the car wash.

Mbugua met his death after the client stabbed him in the chest at his place of work.

Paul Ndiang'ui an eye witness stated that the suspect left Mbugua cleaning his car and went to a nearby bar to drink beer.

About 40 minutes later Mbugua went to the bar to inform the man that he had finished washing the Toyota Noah where the man gave Mbugua Sh300 and told him to deduct Sh250.

"After settling the bill, the suspect left only to come back after an hour and stabbed Mbugua in the chest and sped off,” Mr Ndiang’ui said.

The witness revealed that the incident happened very fast that within three minutes the stranger had stabbed Mbugua in the chest and sped off.

Murang’a County Criminal Investigations boss Juliana Muthini disclosed that they were using the suspect’s mobile phone number to trace him. Ms Muthini said the suspect took five beers and settled the bill through M-Pesa.

In a separate incident, a man from Munyu village in Suna West Sub-CountMigori was stabbed to death by his sister in law after a heated argument.

Area Chief Paul Yogo confirmed that the 32-year-old man identified as Joanes Nyambo was stabbed in the chest using a kitchen knife after he allegedly attacked his sister in-law who was by then peeling cassava for breakfast.

“The deceased wanted his sister-in-law to attend to him but she declined, prompting the attack. He beat her up, accusing her of disrespect.”

The woman whom Police identified as Eunice Adhiambo escaped on foot leaving behind her two children.

"I was heading to the shop when I heard screams from the neighbourhood. I rushed to his home and found him lying on the ground. Blood was oozing from his stomach. I called other people and we rushed him to hospital. Unfortunately, he passed on along the way,” said Victor Onyango, a neighbor.

Police in Migori are looking for the woman who is said to be expectant.


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