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Edwin Sifuna's angry exchange with police goes viral

Westlands MP hopeful Nelson Havi jokes that Sifuna was possessed

ODM Secretary-General Edwin Sifuna shares a hug with ODM party leader Raila Odinga during the party's 2022 National Delegates Conference at the Kasarani Stadium Indoor Arena

A video of senatorial-hopeful Edwin Sifuna embroiled in a bitter exchange with police officers on the sidelines of the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) delegates conference has gone viral.

In the video, the ODM Secretary-General is seen disagreeing with police bosses over their security protocols at the Kasarani Stadium, where the ODM National Delegates Conference (NDC) was held on February 26.

Those who shared the video claim that Sifuna had been angered by the presence of presidential-hopeful and ODM party lifetime member Jimi Wanjigi at the monumental party event.

Absorbed in the heat of the moment, Sifuna was seen shouting at senior police officers and other individuals who had gathered when the commotion ensued.


"He is not invited! Huyu jamaa ameingia aje kwa mlango ya VIP? (How was he allowed to go through the VIP entrance?)" Sifuna shouted at the police officer.

The officer explained: "Listen to me also. Yes, they managed to enter through the VIP entrance but as you saw I came and removed them and that is why we brought him here and we're holding him, so how can you say I've not contained the situation?"

Dissatisfied with the officer's answer, the politician began to defend his outburst and insisted that the person who was in holding was not allowed at the venue.

"I want to understand why the guy is in the stadium. I'm the one who asked him to leave. Why is he here and he is not a delegate?" Sifuna asked the senior cop. In response, the officer stated: "That's a question I cannot answer, ask him, he is in there."

Including a derogative remark against women in his heated rant, Sifuna answered: "I can't even reach him, si amejifungia huko kwa choo kama msichana (he's locked himself in the bathroom like a girl)."


Westlands MP aspirant Nelson Havi, hinting at his brotherhood with Sifuna based on their shared ethnic tribe, reacted to the video saying that the ODM official needed help with managing his anger.

Havi also joked that Sifuna had been possessed during the outburst.

"I am going to church and will put my younger brother and pupil, ODM Secretary-General, Edwin Sifuna in prayers. These mademonis afflicting him are not Luhyalike. They must be cast out," Havi reacted.

The United Democratic Alliance (UDA) battalion, turning the matter into elections leverage, propagated the violence narrative that has long been used against the Orange party.


Dennis Itumbi suggested: "Edwin Sifuna, threatening violence, if IDM presidential candidate Jimi Wanjigi is allowed into Kasarani. #BrandViolence. But the president wants us to vote Raila Odinga, because he is a violent man since 2007. He has repeated that today."


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