Vinafanana na titi mbaya - Magufuli thanks Tanzanians for not wearing masks

Magufuli continues to disregard WHO guidelines on Covid19

Vinafanana na titi mbaya - President Magufuli thanks Tanzanians for not wearing masks

Tanzanian President John Pombe Magufuli on Friday thanked Tanzanians for not wearing protective masks in public in yet another worrying of the blatant disregard of the World Health Organizations (WHO) guidelines against Covid19.

President Magufuli addressed a huge crowd in Dodoma where he started off by thanking them for not wearing masks.

He went on to tease those who wear the masks saying the mask was ugly and compared to a disfigured breast.

"When Coronavirus broke out, they said we will be collecting bodies in the streets but we prayed for only three days and the virus is now gone. There are only four patients in Dar es Salaam.

"When I look at this crowd, I'm happy to see you are not wearing that thing (mask). The Speaker of Parliament recently surprised me when I saw him sitting alone in the Speaker's Chair but yet he was wearing a mask, let us learn to trust God," Magufuli said.

He sensationally warned citizens in the country to turn down and report anyone donating free face masks claiming enemies of the state were planning to spread the virus through infected masks.

"I want to caution you that one of the ways they can use to spread corona is to infect masks and bring them to you. Let us learn to be sharp, if someone offers you a mask decline it and tell them to wear it with their wives and children, there are people who want to sabotage us. If you must wear it, make one at home."

"I have already told government officials to arrest anyone seen distributing masks so that they can tell us where they were verified. What is the hype with that thing and it looks like a a single breast that has been cut from the body," Magufuli stated.

Tanzania is reported to be overwhelmed by numerous cases of the coronavirus cases but Magufuli's government has declared victory over the virus even as it refuses to publish data on Covid19.

The last time data regarding the disease was publicly released was on April 29th.


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