Governor Lonyangapuo leaves the crowd in stitches with hilarious speech challenging 2019 census results [Video]

Maajabu, inamaanisha watu wa Pokot North walikataa kuzaa miaka kumi…nani ameuwa watu Yangu?

West Pokot Governor John Lonyangapuo

The 2019 census results continue to draw mixed reactions with West Pokot Governor John Lonyangapuo being the latest to challenge the results with hilarious remarks.

In a speech that left his audience in laughter, Lonyangapuo maintained that the figure provided are not an accurate estimation of the population of West Pokot Pokot.

“In 2009, Pokot North alone had a population of 156011. Baada ya miaka kumi wamesema number yao ni 134485. Kama mtu ya hesabu inamaanisha kwa miaka kumi wanawake wote wamekataa kuzaa.

(Ten years later in 2019, the number has dropped to 134485.As a mathematician, it simply means that people in Pokot North did not give birth for 10 years) said Lonyangapuo.

The county boss maintained that this is not the reality on the ground as all ECD facilities are filled with children, an indication that several children were born over the last ten years.

“Na nikienda ground watoto wamejaa na ECD yote imejaa watoto…It can also reveal watu wamekufa Pokot North, the only place where people age and die, 21000 gone” Lonyangapuo stated.

Below is part of his speech delivered at the West Pokot Teachers’ College graduation ceremony on 08 Nov 2019, courtesy of KTN.


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