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Where is the 40 billion? Kenyans ask after learning govt's budget against Covid19

Why 40 billion is trending on Twitter

President Uhuru Kenyatta (right) with Treasury CS Ukur Yattani

Kenyans have taken to social media to call for accountability in the government's expenditure against the Covid19 pandemic.

40 billion was on Thursday the number one trending topic on Twitter as many questioned the levels of accountability in the government spending announced by Treasury CS Ukur Yattani.

Yattani said Sh40 billion had been allocated in fighting the coronavirus with some of the funds already disbursed. He, however, did not explain how much was already spent and how much was being held by the allocated entities.

The 40 billion budget included Sh13 billion for SMEs support and payment of pending bills; Sh10 billion in tax refunds; and another Sh10 billion for the cash transfers for the elderly and vulnerable persons.


The spy agency, NIS, was allocated Sh1.5 billion to boost for their operations, to help in contact and case tracing

Kenyans, however, wondered why there was too little on the ground to demonstrate government expenditure against Covid19.

The cash transfers programme, in particular, have been surrounded in secrecy as some Kenyans have already started receiving the money with little explanation on the rationale used to select beneficiaries and the total number of recipients yet to be explained.

It did not help that those who are being quarantined in government-owned institutions have been charged what many have described as an exaggerated figure of Sh2,000 a day.


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