Will Kenyans in diaspora be counted? Top 2019 census questions answered

All you need to know about Kenya's 2019 national census

Will Kenyans in diaspora be counted? Top 2019 census questions answered

Kenya's 2019 national census is scheduled to begin on August 24, 2019 and will go on until August 31, 2019.

Schools that were scheduled to reopen on August 25 will now resume for the final term of the year on September 2, 2019.

Pulselive.co.ke has embarked on finding answers to some of the top questions that Kenyans have asked concerning the impending census.

Will Kenyans in diaspora be enumerated in 2019 census?

According to the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS), the census exercise will only be conducted within Kenya's borders.

This means that enumerators will not visit Kenyans living outside the country. However, if they have family members living in Kenya then they will provide the relevant data required.

KNBS will particularly be interested in Kenyans who migrated after 2004.

Will chokoras be counted in 2019 census?

Yes. Chokoras (street urchins) and all those categorized as 'outside sleepers' will be enumerated during the seven-day exercise.

KNBS will also enumerate persons on transit, individuals in hotels and lodgings, patients in hospitals and prisoners.

What if enumerators find visitors in my house during 2019 census?

KNBS will consider everyone found under one roof as part of the household, including visitors.

Members of one household who may be working at the time enumerators visit, for example on the night shift, will still be counted as part of the household even though they may be absent.

What if I'm not home when enumerators visit during 2019 census?

In case no one is home when enumerators visit, the enumerators will return for a second time to make sure the home is enumerated.

KNBS has also made an allowance for anyone who will not have been counted by the time the exercise is over to report and be counted at a local administration office which includes the chief's camp or a sub-county office.

What questions will I be asked during 2019 census?

KNBS has not released the exact questions that will be asked during the 2019 census exercise, however, they have outlined the scope that will be covered by the questions.

The data to be collected will cover age, gender,marital status, births, deaths, migration, level of education, handicaps, labour force particulars, access & ownership of ICT equipment and services, crop farming, livestock & agriculture, and housing characteristics and ownership of assets.


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