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This girl's demand from her father will abso-loving-lutely make your day

She just wanted to enjoy her TV time without any hassles.

Remember when you'd ask your parents just for permission to turn on the television and they'd be like,

Well, times have changed, and if you're still carrying last, better get used to it. Children are more confident, as it should be.

Take this cute little girl for example.


She got tired of her dad wasting her time by not subscribing to her cable, so she wrote him a letter;

The letter read:

"I had to ask you about the GOTV, when will you pay? I know that we have sorted out the sleep ishue. But if there's another problem, I would like to know about it when I come back from school."

The end.

The 9-year-old girl clearly didn't have much time to waste. She told her father what she wanted.


Imagine her taking on the world like this, confident, determined, and sure of the things she wants, whether it's a job to be done, or a country to be run.

We need more daughters like her. We need more children like her.

Moral of the story: raise confident kids.


By the way, I'm kind of hoping he doesn't pay next month. I can't wait to read the letter she'll write.


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